FlaskSimpleAuth Versions

Sources are available on GitHub and packaged on PyPI.

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Improve tutorial.

30.0 on 2024-03-26

Test cookie with a string default. Rename predefined special groups: OPEN AUTH CLOSE.

29.5 on 2024-03-23

Fix handling of default str values for headers and cookies special parameters. Also show cookies in debug mode.

29.4 on 2024-03-23

Use default value if available on cookie or header errors. Use pytest.fail where appropriate. Improved tutorial.

29.3 on 2024-03-16

Add ruff style check. Update GitHub actions. Update documentation.

29.2 on 2024-03-02

Remove close default on Reference for ppp 9.0. Improve test coverage. Add comments.

29.1 on 2024-02-25

Check default value type for consistency. Improve tutorial.

29.0 on 2024-02-23

Refactor and rework parameter handling, including http list support. Forbid mixing http and json parameters. Improve and fix some tests. Improve documentation, tutorial and recipes.

28.6 on 2024-02-18

Add FSA_JSON_STREAMING option to work around database connections staying as idle in transaction. Refactor generic type handling, to be continued. Handle repeated HTTP parameters as list[str].

28.5 on 2024-02-08

Add experimental support for generic types such as list[str] or dict[str, int], where all types are simple python types. Fix typo.

28.4 on 2024-02-07

Fix to handle FileStorage|None special parameters. Improved recipes.

28.3 on 2024-02-03

Improve demo code and comments. Add coverage test resilience. Make jsonify on generators a string generator. Update github action script. Allow setting cache directly.

28.2 on 2024-01-21

Improve type hints.

28.1 on 2024-01-21

Improved documentation. Improved type hints and type checks.

28.0 on 2024-01-07

Add user_token_uncache to remove a cached user token without knowing the actual token value. Add auth_uncache to attempt to remove all user cached authentication and authorization entries. Refactor CacheManager to ensure that all internal caches have unique prefixes. Extend demo tests to use this feature (what a pain!).

27.6 on 2024-01-07

Improve resilience of *_uncache when some hooks are not set. Fix mispelled directive when retrieving the token realm. Improve demo. WIP about actual token uncaching.

27.5 on 2024-01-07

Improve configuration-time detection of uncheckable groups. Improved documentation. Improved tests.

27.4 on 2024-01-06

Remove underserved configuration error when user_in_group is not set. This is a short term fix, rPobably too lax for now. Improved documentation. Rename an internal class.

27.3 on 2024-01-06

Improved documentation, including a sample configuration. Allow running an application without caching.

27.2 on 2024-01-05

Fix check_user_password signature.

27.1 on 2024-01-05

Improved documentation. Add some resilience to passlib failures.

27.0 on 2023-12-09

Add FSA_GROUP_CHECK configuration directive and corresponding group_check decorator. Keep track of valid authenticated token.

26.0 on 2023-11-30

Add FSA_DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE configuration directive. Improve documentation.

25.3 on 2023-11-19

Improve documentation. Add Python 3.12 support.

25.2 on 2023-10-01

Minor update for Flask 3.0 __version__ deprecation. Improve tutorial and API documentation.

25.1 on 2023-08-27

Add support for tlru cache (Time-aware Least Recently Used). Add a lock consistent with FSA_LOCAL when caching. Add password_uncache, token_uncache, group_uncache and object_perms_uncache methods to remove specific cache entries. Pass header name to header-generation functions. Improve documentation.

25.0 on 2023-08-22

Add gevent and eventlet to FSA_LOCAL. Improve type declarations. Add a tested tutorial and recipes, following Diátaxis recommendations. Refactor hook type declarations in a dummy class. Rename FSA_PASSWORD_LEN to FSA_PASSWORD_LENGTH for consistency. Turn unknown FSA_* directives into configuration errors. Drop FSA_DEBUG compatibility. Improve API automatically generated documentation. Add route parameters authz and authn as synonymous to authorize and auth.

24.0 on 2023-07-28

Add support for custom authentication. Extend ErrorResponse with headers and content type. Add auto-generated API documentation. Improve documentation for Sphinx with RTD theme. Refactor documentation management in a subdirectory. Refactor authentication, authorization, request, parameter, response, token, password and cache management code.

23.2 on 2023-07-23

Improve jsonify to deal with pydantic-generated classes. Allow using some auth only on some routes, not in default list. Fix some debug message formatting. Fix handling of pydantic classes as custom special parameters. Better documentation.

23.1 on 2023-07-13

Add Cookie and Header special parameters. Fix some markdown checks. Fix demo tests.

23.0 on 2023-06-14

Rename branch master to main. Switch to full pyproject.toml. Fix and improve demo curl tests. Add support for MFA with per-route realm, see demo.

22.0 on 2023-03-12

Add a minimal pyproject.toml: yet another useless file, which would be a good thing if it replaced other files, alas the two setup.* files are still required. Add support for data classes and pydantic classes as parameter types. Add an after auth/before exec hook, executed just before actually calling the route function. Report all possible 400 instead of stopping on the first issue. Improve documentation.

21.5 on 2023-02-05

Remove badly thought upward compatibility attempt.

21.4 on 2023-02-05

Make jsonify work with generators, maps, filters and ranges. Ensure upward compatibility with next ProxyPatternPool release. Fix debug4 request formatting.

21.3 on 2023-02-04

Add list of params and files to debug4 request traces.

21.2 on 2023-02-02

Add debug4 verbosity to show request and response headers. To intercept the body, consider using tcpdump.

21.1 on 2023-01-31

Improve demo with an upload example. Fix display of authentication source in dev mode. Better check parameter types.

21.0 on 2023-01-29

Add FSA_KEEP_USER_ERRORS configuration directive to skip handling user errors and let them pass to the WSGI infrastructure instead. Add convenient messages when missing an optional module. Log internal error traces as errors. Simplify optional dependencies. Extend special parameter functions with a parameter holding the name of the expected parameter. Add FileStorage special parameter to get file uploads. Add manual table of contents to README.md and DOCUMENTATION.md.

20.11 on 2023-01-26

Add dependency options to setup.cfg. Show traces on internal errors.

20.10 on 2023-01-15

Reduce verbosity again by adding a “debug3” mode.

20.9 on 2023-01-14

Reduce verbosity when calling current_user. Improved documentation.

20.8 on 2023-01-14

Prioritize parameter sources and detect shadowing. Improved documentation.

20.7 on 2023-01-14

Add convenient FSA-Request and FSA-User headers in dev mode. Return several challenges with WWW-Authenticate if appropriate.

20.6 on 2023-01-13

Fix password manager lazy initialization. Improved documentation.

20.5 on 2023-01-11

Improve debug messages on parameters.

20.4 on 2023-01-07

Accept ? | None type declarations on route functions.

20.3 on 2023-01-02

Add FSA_HANDLE_ALL_ERRORS configuration directive. Improved documentation.

20.2 on 2022-12-27

Generate application/json instead of text/json. Cleanup a flake8 warning. Improved documentation.

20.1 on 2022-12-24

Replace FSA_DEBUG by FSA_MODE. Show request execution time in µs precision under debug. Improved documentation.

20.0 on 2022-12-22

Split README.md with DOCUMENTATION.md. Improve documentation, published on github.io. Add error_response decorator and FSA_ERROR_RESPONSE directive to control generated error responses. Add add_headers function and FSA_ADD_HEADERS directive to append new headers to the response. Add FSA_BEFORE_REQUEST and FSA_AFTER_REQUEST directives to add hooks directly from the configuration.

19.3 on 2022-12-06

Fix an uncaught typo.

19.2 on 2022-12-06

Improve work around to handle early return. Add CurrentApp special parameter type. Improved documentation.

19.1 on 2022-12-05

Avoid internal error if a user before request generates an early return, in some cases. Improve documentation and tests.

19.0 on 2022-11-16

Add add_group method to register groups allowed for authorize, and add_scope to register scopes allowed for oauth. Add corresponding FSA_AUTHZ_GROUPS and FSA_AUTHZ_SCOPES directives. Rename user_oauth as user_scope for consistency. Allow to provide configuration directives as constructor arguments. Improve documentation.

18.1 on 2022-11-11

Handle Optional parameters to please mypy. Add Python 3.12-dev check to CI. Improve documentation.

18.0 on 2022-11-07

Add special_parameter decorator and FSA_SPECIAL_PARAMETER directive to add special parameters. Add CurrentUser special parameter. Add password_check hook (also with FSA_PASSWORD_CHECK directive) for alternate password checking such as temporary access codes or external passwords, eg LDAP. Add password_quality hook (also with FSA_PASSWORD_QUALITY directive) to check for a password strength. Add FSA_TOKEN_ISSUER to specify a token issuer. Add oauth authentication for OAuth 2.0 authorization support (RFC 8693). Add FSA_LOCAL to adjust local data management. Set FSA_TOKEN_RENEWAL default to 0.0. Prioritize authentication scheme per configuration or route order (auth). Improve documentation.

17.0 on 2022-10-29

Move Reference implementation to module ProxyPatternPool. Add Environ special parameter type.

16.0 on 2022-10-27

Require Flask 2.2. Add FSA_REJECT_UNEXPECTED_PARAM to be strict about unexpected parameters. Add Request, Session and Globals special parameter types. Ensure Reference count consistency. Improve one error message.

15.0 on 2022-09-11

Add early sanity checks about path parameters: they must appear as function parameters and should not have a default value. Also, path parameters converter, if declared, should be consistent with the corresponding parameter type. Improve mypy checks by removing some ignore hints. Improve Makefile. Rename FSA generated exceptions: ErrorResponse and ConfigError. Add pymarkdown check. Add a GitHub CI configuration (with 99% coverage for now).

14.2 on 2022-08-02

Only use re2 if available, do not require it as a dependency.

14.1 on 2022-08-02

Fix pypi badge version link.

14.0 on 2022-08-02

Fix compatibility with Flask 2.2. Add max_use to internal pool. Use re2 instead of re. Improve documentation.

13.0 on 2022-06-12

Add max_size parameter to Reference pool. Remove pool constructor parameter. Add mode option to Reference with a VERSATILE scope.

12.0 on 2022-05-30

Add pool option to Reference to better deal with werkzeug thread management. Improve documentation and code comments.

11.0 on 2022-05-27

Add FSA_CACHE_PREFIX directive to help with sharing a distributed cache such as redis or memcached.

Fixes for Flask 2.1: Now get_json raises a exception when unhappy instead of returning None. Remove safe_join export as flask removed it.

10.0 on 2022-03-06

Improve documentation. Minor code cleanup. Take advantage of CacheToolUtils 3.0 to reduce the loc count.

9.0 on 2022-03-04

Extend set in Reference to handle both objects and generation functions. Fix cast decorator.

8.0 on 2022-03-04

Use AUTH as the default parameter name for tokens. Under debug, warn about unused parameters. Improve demonstration code and environment. Use threading.local() so that Flask and Reference work with threads.

7.0 on 2022-02-24

Improve and simplify code where possible. Remove FSA_MODE, FSA_SKIP_PATH and FSA_CHECK directives to make authentication always on demand. This is safe because missing authorizations are treated as errors and route are closed by default. Drop Flask 1.x support. Remove register_cast function, in favor of the cast method. Simplify Reference implementation.

6.0 on 2022-02-13

Rename register_object_perms and register_cast functions to simpler object_perms and cast. Add FSA_OBJECT_PERMS and FSA_CAST configuration directives. Make module work without cachetools if FSA_CACHE is set to None. Use ttl as a default cache strategy. Simplify version numbering from 3 to 2 figures. Improve demo example with login and email authentication. Make all configuration errors issue a critical message.

5.4.0 on 2022-02-08

Add JsonData special type to convert strings to JSON. Improve json parameter type tests.

5.3.0 on 2022-02-04

Improve debug mode setting. Attempt at fixing typing errors with json.

5.2.0 on 2022-01-31

Add convenient cast decorator to register a cast directly. Add FSA_DEBUG and FSA_NOT_FOUND_ERROR configuration directives.

5.1.0 on 2022-01-30

Add default variable name to object permission checks. Add convenient object_perms decorator. Return 404 when checking perm on an unknown object. Warn on overriden hooks. Improve tests.

5.0.0 on 2022-01-29

Add a per-object permission scheme to the authorize decorator parameter. Add support for Redis and MemCached distributed caches. Move cache support to CacheToolsUtils.

4.7.1 on 2022-01-16

Bump version in doc.

4.7.0 on 2022-01-16

Add FSA_SERVER_ERROR configuration directive to control the server internal error status code. Add FSA_SECURE to check for secure requests, on by default (sorry!). Drop allparams and required route parameters: they are implicit with a dict of keyword arguments and default values. Improve documentation.

4.6.3 on 2022-01-12

Improve error messages on internal errors in user functions such as get_user_pass, user_in_group or path functions.

4.6.2 on 2021-12-26

Put back version auto extraction after aiosql update to 3.4.0.

4.6.1 on 2021-12-24

Minor cleanup.

4.6.0 on 2021-12-19

Fix timezone issues by putting everything explicitely in UTC. Rework caching: remove CacheOK class, add FSA_CACHE and FSA_CACHE_OPTS to give more ability to control the type of cache and its behavior. Use a TTL cache set to 10 minutes by default. Rename *_OPTIONS to _OPTS for consistency and concision.

4.5.1 on 2021-12-12

Ensure that FSA internal exceptions are always translated into HTTP responses.

4.5.0 on 2021-12-12

Add FSA_PASSWORD_LEN and FSA_PASSWORD_RE directives to check for password quality when hashing. Remove VERSION and VERSION\_NUM, replaced with __version__, although not from the package resources because of some obscure issue…

4.4.0 on 2021-12-11

Add support for CORS with directives FSA_CORS and FSA_CORS_OPTIONS.

4.3.1 on 2021-12-05

Add FSA_TOKEN_RENEWAL directive to manage automatic renewal of cookie-based authentication tokens. Fix version in module.

4.3.0 on 2021-10-14

Rename FSA_TOKEN_REALM as FSA_REALM, because it is not token specific. Make demo work with psycopg 3.

4.2.0 on 2021-09-14

Add register_cast to provide a cast function for custom types, if the type itself would not work. Add VERSION as a string and VERSION_NUM as an integer tuple. Improve documentation. Allow to use Python keywords as HTTP parameters by prepending the parameter with a _.

4.1.0 on 2021-06-12

Add support for per-method decorator shortcuts to Flask wrapper class. Add FSA_LOGGING_LEVEL directive. Make current_user attempt an authentication, but not fail on errors. Check configuration directive names to warn about possible typos or errors. Warn about some unused directives. Check get_user_pass and user_in_group returned types. Update documentation. Add a demo application.

4.0.0 on 2021-06-01

Port to Flask 2.0, working around a regression on request.values handling. Add support for Flask 2.0 per-method decorator shortcuts get, post, put, delete and patch. Rework documentation. Minor style improvements. Fix all authentication mode.

3.1.1 on 2021-05-31

Tell setup that Flask 2.0 is not yet supported.

3.1.0 on 2021-04-17

Defer password manager setup till it is actually needed, so as to avoid importing passlib for nothing. Do not attempt to re-create a token if it is not possible, i.e. when relying on a third party token provider. Allow to fully control the list of authentication schemes. Allow to control the authentication scheme on a route. Improve test code coverage.

3.0.0 on 2021-04-07

Add FSA_CACHE_SIZE to control caches. Merge FSA_ALWAYS and FSA_LAZY in a single FSA_MODE directive with 3 values: always, lazy and all. Make ANY, ALL and NONE special groups simple strings as well. Package as a one file module (again), and add more files to packaging.

2.5.0 on 2021-04-04

Add header carrier for authentication tokens. Make it work both with internal and HTTPAuth implementations. Force HTTPAuth implementation on http-token.

2.4.1 on 2021-03-29

Fix packaging issue… the python file was missing. Add digest as a synonymous for http-digest. Improve documentation.

2.4.0 on 2021-03-29

Add http-basic, http-digest and http-token authentication schemes based on flask-HTTPAuth. Add coverage report on tests. Distribute as a one file python module. Only simplify realm for fsa tokens. Renew cookies when they are closing expiration.

2.3.0 on 2021-03-27

Use a fully dynamic method for set in Reference. Add a string type. Add caching of get_user_pass and user_in_group helpers. Add clear_caches method. Warn on missing authorize on a route declaration. Add FSA_TOKEN_CARRIER to specify how token auth is transfered, including a new cookie option. Rename FSA_TYPE to FSA_AUTH. Make create_token argument optional. Add WWW-Authenticate headers when appropriate. Set Content-Type to text/plain on generated responses.

2.2.1 on 2021-03-22

Partial fix for method renaming in Reference.

2.2.0 on 2021-03-22

Rename _setobj to set in Reference, with an option to rename the method if needed. Shorten Reference class implementation. Add current_user to FlaskSimpleAuth as well. Add python documentation on class and methods. Fix Reference issue when using several references.

2.1.0 on 2021-03-21

Add Reference any object wrapper class. Add CacheOK positive caching decorator. Add current_user function. Add none authentication type. Add path parameter type. Add more tests.

2.0.0 on 2021-03-16

Make the module as an extension and a full Flask wrapper. Advertise only the extended route decorator in the documentation (though others are still used internally). Change passlib bcrypt version to be compatible with Apache httpd. Allow disabling password checking. Rename FSA_TOKEN_HASH as FSA_TOKEN_ALGO. Disable tokens by setting their type to None. Import Flask session, redirect, url_for, make_response, abort, render_template, current_app objects. Add parameter support for date, time and datetime in iso format. Allow to use any type as path parameters, not just Flask predefined ones. Make blueprints work. Add special path type for parameters taken from the path.

1.9.0 on 2021-03-10

Add bearer authorization for tokens and make it the default. Add JWT tokens, both hmac and pubkey variants. Add 500 generation if a route is missing an authorization declaration. Add convenient route decorator. Add type inference for HTTP/JSON parameters based on default value, when provided. Add type inference for root path parameters based on function declaration.

1.8.1 on 2021-03-02

Fix typo in distribution configuration file.

1.8.0 on 2021-03-02

Merge autoparams and parameters decorators into a single parameters decorator. Make it guess optional parameters based on default values. Fix conversion issues with boolean type parameters. Enhance integer type to accept other base syntaxes. Improve documentation to advertise the simple and elegant approach. Implement decorator with functions instead of a class.

1.7.0 on 2021-03-01

Simplify code. Add FSA_ALWAYS configuration directive and move the authentication before request hook logic inside the module. Add FSA_SKIP_PATH to skip authentication for some paths. Update documentation to reflect this simplified model. Switch all decorators to functions.

1.6.0 on 2021-02-28

Add autoparams decorator with required or optional parameters. Add typed parameters to parameters decorator. Make parameters pass request parameters as named function parameters. Simplify authorize decorator syntax and implementation. Advise authorize then parameters or autoparams decorator order. Improved documentation.

1.5.0 on 2021-02-27

Flask internal tests with a good coverage. Switch to setup.cfg configuration. Add convenient parameters decorator.

1.4.0 on 2021-02-23

Add FSA_LAZY configuration directive. Simplify code. Improve warning on short secrets. Repackage…

1.3.0 on 2021-02-23

Improved documentation. Reduce default token signature length and default token secret. Warn on random or short token secrets.

1.2.0 on 2021-02-22

Add grace time for auth token validity. Some code refactoring.

1.1.0 on 2021-02-22

Add after request module cleanup.

1.0.0 on 2021-02-21

Add authorize decorator. Add password authentication scheme. Improved documentation.

0.9.0 on 2021-02-21

Initial release in beta.