Classes to add key prefix and stats to cachetools classes and use redis and memcached as storage backends, and other cache-related utils.

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For our purpose, a cache is a key-value store, aka a dictionary, possibly with some constraints on keys (type, size) and values (size, serialization). This module provides new caches, wrappers and other utilities suitable to use with cachetools.

Cache classes

  • RedisCache allows to see a Redis server as a python cache by wrapping a redis.Redis instance.

  • MemCached does the same for a Memcached server. The utility class JsonSerde is a convenient JSON serializer-deserializer class for Memcached.

  • DictCache a very simple dict cache.

Other wrappers to extend cache capabilities

  • PrefixedCache, PrefixedMemCached and PrefixedRedisCache add a prefix to distinguish sources on a shared cache.

  • StatsCache, StatsMemCached and StatsRedisCache add a hits() method to report the cache hit rate.

  • LockedCache use a (thread) lock to control cache accesses.

  • TwoLevelCache allows to combine two caches.

  • DebugCache to trace cache calls using logging.

Cache utilities

  • cached decorator: a cachetools replacement which allows to test if a function result is in cache, and to delete such an entry.

  • cacheFunctions and cacheMethods: add caching to functions or methods.


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