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  • write a tutorial!

  • write recipes!

  • add a close?

  • rename hits hit_rate?

  • add other efficiency statistics?

  • add ability to reconnect if an external cache fails? this could be for redis or memcached? Maybe the existing client can do that with appropriate options?

  • cached: add contains and delete parameters to change names?

8.5 on 2024-02-03

Add missing MutableMapping inheritance. Update GitHub action versions. Drop type alias.

8.4 on 2024-01-20

Improved documentation. Improved type declarations with pyright, added to CI.

8.3 on 2023-11-12

Fix TwoLevelCache verbosity. Add DebugCache for helping debug. Sort keys on JSON dumps. Upgrade GitHub actions. Test with Python 3.12. Improved documentation.

8.2 on 2023-08-27

Add more method forwarding to LockedCache, for Redis. Fix pymemcache package name in documentation.

8.1 on 2023-08-27

Use extended cached for cacheMethods and cacheFunctions.

8.0 on 2023-08-26

Add LockedCache class for shared cache and threading. Add DictCache class for dict-based cache. Add resiliency option to TwoLevelCache. Add extended cached decorator with in and del support. Use base85 instead of base64 for MemCached keys. Improved documentation following diátaxis advices. Hide some private internals.

7.0 on 2023-06-17

Switch to pyproject.toml. Require Python 3.10+ for easier typing.

6.0 on 2023-03-19

Improved documentation for Add a pyproject.toml (stupid) file.

5.1 on 2022-11-12

Test with Python 3.12.

5.0 on 2022-09-11

Add pymarkdown check. Add GitHub CI configuration. Add a badge.

4.3 on 2022-09-07

Fix missing key filtering for Redis’s get, set and delete. Also forward in in Mixin.

4.2 on 2022-08-05

Fix minor typo in a badge.

4.1 on 2022-08-05

Code reformating. Improved documentation. Improved checks. Improved Makefile.

4.0 on 2022-03-13

Remove StatsRedisCache and StatsMemCached by moving the hits() method to RedisCache and MemCached, respectively. The two classes still exist for upward compatibility, but are deprecated. Improve test coverage, now only 4 not-covered lines. Improve documentation.

3.0 on 2022-03-06

Use simpler kwargs approach for caching methods and functions. Add a gen parameter for caching methods and functions. Improve documentation.

2.0 on 2022-02-24

Add cacheMethods and cacheFunctions. Improve documentation. 100% coverage test.

1.1.0 on 2022-01-30

Improve documentation. Add TwoLevelCache. Add 100% coverage test.

1.0.0 on 2022-01-29

Add set, get and delete forwarding to RedisCache, so that redis classes can be stacked.

0.9.0 on 2022-01-29

Initial version extracted from another project.