FlaskTester Versions

Packages are distributed from PyPI, sources are available on GitHub, see also the documentation, please report any issues.

4.0 on 2024-05-20

Improved documentation and tests. Remove deprecated FLASK_TESTER_URL, simplifying code in passing. Remove deprecated check method.

3.6 on 2024-03-30

Only use FLASK_TESTER_APP, hide FLASK_TESTER_URL, which is only kept for upward compatibility and is deprecated. Improved documentation, including a working app2.

3.5 on 2024-03-30

Improve failure behavior and testing.

3.4 on 2024-03-30

Add ptype to control the default parameter type. Mark check as deprecated. Make method-specific check methods handle positional status and content. Improved intro example. Split documentation in several pages. Improve API documentation. Use FSA 30 for testing.

3.3 on 2024-03-25

Fix missing parameter on check to ensure upward compatibility.

3.2 on 2024-03-24

Improved documentation. Simpler code and API documentation.

3.1 on 2024-03-24

More consistent test and demo code. Reach actual full coverage, without any pragma. Fix default allowed authenticator schemes.

3.0 on 2024-03-23

Add support for none authentication, with only cookies.

2.0 on 2024-03-23

Add support for cookies. Improved documentation and code. Improved tests.

1.4 on 2024-03-19

Test expected assert failures. Improved API documentation. Keep first found app.

1.3 on 2024-03-16

Generate API documentation. Cleaner code.

1.2 on 2024-03-15

Improved documentation and tests. Raise an error when setting unusable passwords or tokens. Add support for pkg:name application syntax. Use random passwords when testing.

1.1 on 2024-03-13

Improve coverage tests. Add FLASK_TESTER_LOG_LEVEL environment to set the log level. Add explicit license section and file. Add more links about the project.

1.0 on 2024-03-12

Add FLASK_TESTER_DEFAULT environment configuration to ft_client. Add FLASK_TESTER_* environment configurations to ft_authenticator. Improve documentation, including incredible badges. Working coverage tests.

0.9 on 2024-03-11

Initial revision extracted from a separate project.