Proxy Pattern Pool Versions


? on ?

Improve doc and source comments.

9.7 on 2024-03-08

Fix detection of the debugging level status. Add _has_obj method to test if an error occured on get. Add more configuration data to stats.

9.6 on 2024-03-07

Add more guarded debugging traces. Pass pyright and enable it in CI. Add and use ruff instead of flake8.

9.5 on 2024-03-03

Collect and show more statistics.

9.4 on 2024-03-03

Improve stats output for semaphore.

9.3 on 2024-03-03

Improve collected stats. Clean-up code, reducing loc significantly.

9.2 on 2024-03-02

Rework internals to minimize lock time. Show timestamp in ISO format.

9.1 on 2024-03-02

Do not generate "None" but None on undefined semaphore stats.

9.0 on 2024-03-02

Add delay parameter for forcing house keeping round delays. Add health check hook. Rework and improve statistics. Improve documentation. Drop close and max_delay upward compatibility parameters.

8.5 on 2024-02-27

Add running time to stats.

8.4 on 2024-02-26

Add stats parameter and stats method to Pool.

8.3 on 2024-02-24

Add more stats. Improve housekeeping resilience.

8.2 on 2024-02-21

Improved debugging information.

8.1 on 2024-02-21

Show more pool data. Improve overall resilience in case of various errors. Improve Pool documentation.

8.0 on 2024-02-20

Add opener, getter, retter and closer pool hooks.

7.4 on 2024-02-17

Fix log_level handling.

7.3 on 2024-02-17

Add tracer parameter to help debugging on pool objects.

7.2 on 2024-02-17

Add log_level parameter. Add pyright (non yet working) check.

7.1 on 2024-02-17

On second thought, allow both warning and killing long running objects.

7.0 on 2024-02-17

Kill long running objects instead of just warning about them.

6.1 on 2023-11-19

Add Python 3.12 tests.

6.0 on 2023-07-17

Add support for more local scopes: WERKZEUG, EVENTLET, GEVENT.

5.0 on 2023-06-16

Use pyproject.toml only. Require Python 3.10 for simpler code.

4.0 on 2023-02-05

Add max_using_delay for warnings. Add with support to both Pool and Proxy classes. Add module-specific exceptions: PoolException, ProxyException.

3.0 on 2022-12-27

Wait for available objects when max_size is reached. Add min_size parameter to Proxy.

2.1 on 2022-12-27

Ensure that pool always hold min_size objects.

2.0 on 2022-12-26

Add min size and max delay feature to Pool.

1.1 on 2022-11-12

Minor fixes for mypy. Test with Python 3.12. Improved documentation.

1.0 on 2022-10-29

Add some documentation.

0.1 on 2022-10-28

Initial release with code extracted from FlaskSimpleAuth.