AnoDB Versions

Package distributed from Pypi. Sources, documentation and issues are available on GitHub.


10.1 on 2024-06-04

Improve README introductory example and run it in tests. Add license section to documentation.

10.0 on 2024-03-02

Add attribute parameter forwarded to AioSQL 10.0. Use iso format.

Note: the attribute feature does not seem to work with pg8000, for now.

9.11 on 2024-03-02

Do not str-ize undefined timestamps.

9.10 on 2024-02-27

Improve stats data.

9.9 on 2024-02-26

Add _stats method to generate JSON-compatible stats.

9.8 on 2024-02-21

More verbose str.

9.7 on 2024-02-21

Collect and show more internal stats.

9.6 on 2024-02-20

Possibly reconnect after a close?

9.5 on 2024-02-17

Reconnection refactoring. Fix sqlite3 in-memory test.

9.4 on 2024-02-13

Add exception parameter to DB constructor. Improved coverage tests.

9.3 on 2024-02-10

Rename query parameter to avoid name collisions. Allow Pytest 8. Update doc. Add pyright type checking to CI.

9.2 on 2024-01-28

Update CI script. Forward kwargs_only option to AioSQL. Avoid Pytest 8.

9.1 on 2023-12-09

Simpler CI script. Improved doc and tests. Simpler version code.

9.0 on 2023-11-19

Throttle reconnection attempts from 0.001 to 30.0 seconds. Use database exceptions instead of generic Exception. Generic package loading. Add Python 3.12 tests.

8.2 on 2023-07-15

Improve doc wrt connection creation. Fix pymarkdown check.

8.1 on 2023-06-16

Fix empty driver name. Add version dates.

8.0 on 2023-06-16

Rename master to main. Use pyproject.toml Fix tests for aiosql 8.0 which returns generators. Drop support for Python 3.8 and 3.9 for simpler typing. Add support for duckdb

7.3 on 2023-01-21

Drop None from DB initialization default values. Allow queries to be a list of files.

7.2 on 2022-12-11

Fix issue with mariadb. Improve documentation for

7.1 on 2022-11-12

Test with Python 3.12.

7.0 on 2022-10-26

Add support for MariaDB driver: mariadb. Make connect return the underlying connection. Improved documentation.

6.1 on 2022-09-11

Add GitHub CI configuration. Add Markdown checks. More badges.

6.0 on 2022-08-08

Make connection string parameter optional, as some drivers do not need it. Add support for MySQL drivers: pymysql, mysqlclient, mysql-connector. Add support for Postgres drivers: pygresql, pg8000. Improved documentation. Improved tests.

5.0 on 2022-07-10

Improve Makefile. Get aiosql version. Simplify code. Sync driver support with aiosql 4.0. Require 100% coverage.

4.2.1 on 2022-01-16

Just fix doc date.

4.2.0 on 2022-01-16

Put back __version__ automatic extraction from package. Add __version__ attribute to DB class. Refactor tests.

4.1.0 on 2021-12-12

Add untested support for MySQL through aiosql_mysql. Temporary work around an issue between pkg_resources, typing_extensions and aiosql.

4.0.2 on 2021-12-12

Add type hint for mypy.

4.0.1 on 2021-12-11

Add package __version__. Minor update for pytest_postgresql 4.0.0.

4.0 on 2021-10-14

Add psycopg 3 support, and make it the default for Postgres.

3.0 on 2021-04-20

Package as a simple module. Use simpler setup.cfg packaging. Include tests in package. Add coverage test and make test coverage reach 100%.

2.2 on 2021-02-20

Setup explicit logger instead of relying on default.

2.1 on 2021-02-14

Make cursor() reconnect if needed.

Add automatic reconnection tests.

2.0 on 2021-02-13

Swith from AnoSQL to AioSQL.

1.3 on 2020-08-02

Make options accept different types.

Make queries optional, and allow to load from files or strings.

1.2 on 2020-07-31

Add options string parameter to constructor.

1.1 on 2020-07-28

Add **conn_options parameter to constructor.

Add cursor() method.

1.0 on 2020-07-27

Initial release.